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Star beings live in higher dimensions of reality not perceived by most humans.  These Beings of Light and Love have gathered around the planet to help humanity create a new Earth of peace, love, abundance, freedom and grace.

Host Susan Rensberger asks them the questions you might wish to ask – who are you, where have you come from, what do you want us to know?

Light language is a modern term for speaking higher-dimensional languages used by our own souls or eternal aspects, as well as non-physical beings living in higher dimensions.  Light language flows spontaneously through the receiver as energy expressed vocally.  Sometimes called speaking in tongues, this process doesn’t require the receiver to learn or know the language.  The frequencies of Light language can attune the human energy field to higher dimensions of energy.  To communicate information, the higher Beings provide an interpretation to the person receiving

Answers from the Star Beings provide a higher perspective on this time and our experiences that soothe and uplift our hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

Through words, Light language and musical tones, the Star Beings help clear your energy field of negativity, fear, false beliefs – anything limiting your expansion into your whole Self.

Their high-frequency energy transmissions leave you feeling happy, secure, safe, loved, and joyful.  You may even feel your body buzzing with the energy!

Long after you stop listening, those frequencies keep working in your field, healing, uplifting, expanding.

Every time you listen, you’ll feel and hear something new.  As your energy body and consciousness change, so will your ability to understand messages and absorb new frequencies.

Listeners can ask their own questions by emailing ask@voicesfromthestars.com.  Selected listener questions will be answered on future podcasts.

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